releases physical and emotional tension


Our uniquely created 'Muscle Relief Lotion' is a powerful tension reliever.

Every feeling we have affects some part of our body. Stress, worry, being overwhelmed, anger, sadness; all these negative emotions are targeting your muscular system and your muscles start to become tense. Acting like a workaholic and experiencing the weight of responsibilities you carry may cause muscle tension too. This highly effective 'Muscle Relief Lotion' has been created with Arnica, Wintergreen and Camphor as well as with our beautiful remedies to release the physical and emotional stress stored in your muscles.


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"My son and I both experience severe reactions to mosquito bites. We have tried numerous commercial treatments which only provide temporary relief. SOE Emergency Recovery Serum is amazing and very different to all the rest. I applied to a bite and got instant relief. What is even more remarkable is that the bite did not bother me again whereas the itch would usually persist for days. I am so happy with this product and will keep it in my bag especially during summer". Sarah

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Hi, I'd like to give some feedback on the Sleep remedy drops I've been taking for a while.
As a busy mum to 2 children who also works part time, I used to have a lot of trouble 'switching off' at bedtime. I'd often lay in bed trying to sleep, but instead was thinking about the chores for the next day, school lunches etc. Since taking the SOE Bioremedies Sleep Assist drops I've been able to fall asleep quickly and have a restful night of sleep. Thank you so much for creating such an amazing remedy which has really made a difference. I had such a great nights sleep last night! After a week of bad sleep because I ran out of drops!! Emily

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Over the last 14 years Christian Burkhardt, Founder and Creator of SOE BIOREMEDIES, has had proven success with the treatment of eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis. Christian has dedicated many years to investigate the relationship between physical symptoms and emotional imbalances. His research led to the creation of 'Essential Vibrations Remedies' and a unique formulation which treats the physical ailments, as well as the emotional imbalances.






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