SOE Bioremedies 'WUNDERBALM' is a brilliant multi-purpose balm which gently soothes and deeply moisturises. The balm is ideal for softening cracked skin and helps to soothe irritated skin. 'WUNDERBALM' contains the deeply moisturising benefits of shea nut and mango butter combined with the soothing elements of essential oils with the added bonus of SOE's unique 'Essential Vibrations' remedies. SOE's 'WUNDERBALM' is a must have for all households and is gentle enough to use for all ages and skin types.







'I am writing to say how amazing your Wunderbalm is. Last night I did a pretty stupid thing, when my kettle was boiling I reached right over the spout to get a tea bag and ended up with a nasty steam burn. Ouch! I would usually run it under cold water, but I reached for the Wunderbalm instead. The soothing effect was instant and, after a few more applications last night, when I woke up this morning there was only a very small red dot, you couldn't even tell I had been burnt. Amazing! Seriously...is there anything this balm can't fix!!! I have used it on sunburn, mosquito bites, hives and now a burn. Wunderbalm is seriously the super hero of skin creams. Thank you for creating such an amazing and useful product.






Over the last 14 years Christian Burkhardt, Founder and Creator of SOE BIOREMEDIES, has had proven success with the treatment of eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis. Christian has dedicated many years to investigate the relationship between physical symptoms and emotional imbalances. His research led to the creation of 'Essential Vibrations Remedies' and a unique formulation which treats the physical ailments, as well as the emotional imbalances.