Well-Being Sprays

SOE Bioremedies have created different sprays for your personal well-being.
These sprays are specially formulated to create a wonderful synergy between aromatherapy and SOE vibrational remedies to deliver you a pure and powerful vibrational product.



Aura Cleanse

Body Spray
The Aura is the distinctive atmosphere or quality that surrounds us and is generated by a person, thing, or place. The seven layers of our Aura hold different kinds of information and also correspond to the 7 chakras. The energy of our chakras is responsible for producing the aura. Our physical, emotional and spiritual health affects the ‘condition’ of our aura. An important part of maintaining our health and well-being is to be aware of our ‘auric field’ and to take care of it in the best possible way. That’s why it is so important to cleanse and protect the energy which surrounds us as best as we can. Negative patterns can cause an imbalance in this important energy field and affects us in different ways. Aura Cleanse has been created to purify, balance and restore your auric field.


Body Spray
When we run on ‘negativity’ we can become more sensitive and attract more of it. The negative emotions and thoughts we have make it easier for more negative thoughts and emotions to enter our energetic field. The negative pattern we have running create ‘holes’ in our protective energy and auric field and other negative influences can enter easily. This will create bigger and bigger ‘holes’ and we find it difficult to move out of our emotional imbalance and negative thought pattern. SOE's Protection spray has been created to close these ‘holes’ and to protect you from outside negative influences which makes it easier for us to release our own negative pattern without getting ‘an extra load’ from other sources.

Space Clearing

Room Spray
We are constantly surrounded and affected by energy, and depending our our state of being we pick up the positive or the negative energy. Especially in places where more people come  together (family home, workplace) these energies accumulate and can create a negative energetic environment. The environment may then be energetically contaminated and therefore it's not easy to keep up your own energy level. We may experience that we get ‘drained’ easily, tired, or not as focused or motivated. This is because we're in a ‘psychic polluted’ environment.