Mum to be - 20 ML

This 'Essential Vibrations' combination helps the 'mum to be' with the emotional turmoil and imbalances prior to the baby being born. It was created specifically to support her 'up and downs'. Emotions during the last few weeks before giving birth can vary from excited to anxious, overwhelmed, sad and weepy. This combination of 'Essential Vibrations' remedies may help to balance the roller-coaster of emotions by stabilising and revitalising the emotional journey. It also helps you see the beauty of giving birth, supports faith and brings a feeling of courage and self-confidence. It supports mum and baby with bonding and creates a deeper awareness for a beautiful relationship after giving birth. It creates a peaceful and loving place.

Reconnection - 20 ML

There can be times in our lives when sudden or unexpected circumstances cause huge turmoil in our emotional life creating a deep sense of grief. 'Essential Vibrations' combination 'Reconnection' has been created to help you through the stages of grief after the loss of a partner, friend or animal companion, or another life situation. This combination helps you 'reconnect' to life again by creating peace and comfort. 'Reconnection' will deliver the necessary strength and help you accept the situation with love.

Relationships - 20 ML

This combination remedy assists with resolving many forms of relationship issues. If you are having difficulties with relationships, if you are looking for people to connect with or if you would like to attract people into your life, this essence is just perfect. This combination will open up your energy field to receive and attract people into your life who you need, but it also may help to resolve issues with your partner, shyness or fear of socialising. This Essence supports finding your direction, certainty, change and decision making, and feelings of happiness.

Self-Care - TLC - 20 ML

One of the most important things , which is all too easy to forget, is the attitude of self-care. Especially these days when we seem to be more and more focused on caring for others rather than ourselves in every possible way. Lack of self-care can lead to different addictions and distract us from the true focus of our life. 'Self-Care - TLC' remedy is a beautiful combination to help you transform and bring self-care into action. Self-Care is not just about our physical body and appearance, self-care also encompasses our thoughts, words and attitude. 'Self-Care - TLC' is an amazing remedy which can completely change your life.

Silhouette - 20 ML

'Silhouette' remedy has been created to support weight loss on a subconscious level. 'Silhouette' is NOT a supplement taken simply to achieve weight loss. This 'Essential Vibrations' combination has been specifically created to treat the underlying emotional pattern which can lead either to weight gain, or for people who find it difficult to lose weight. Many people try everything to lose weight including supplements, exercise and strict diets, but for some the weight just won't come off. Why? An emotional pattern is active in their subconscious which won't allow them to 'let it go' and causes them to 'hold on'. 'Silhouette' helps transform the negative pattern active in the subconscious and leads to a positive self-caring attitude. During our trials for 'Silhouette' people reported an increase in energy, self-confidence and the willpower to change their life for the better.

Sleep Assistant - 20 ML

Worrying about our daily life or certain issues can trouble us to the point where it interferes with our rest and sleep. Worrying doesn't help solve the problem and if your mind is constantly working on the issue and won't rest (especially at night) you don't get the proper sleep you need and deserve. Without restful sleep we end up low in energy and can become confused, irritated, moody and frustrated. It becomes a vicious cycle. For every issue there is a solution. You just need to quiet the mind and it will come. 'Sleep Assistant' remedy helps break the cycle of sleeplessness by easing the mind, calming the emotions and encourages a peaceful sleep. Achieving a restful sleep will help create a positive pattern which creates more positivity and clarity in your daily life.

Surrender - 20 ML

For most people something is 'out of place' in our lives which troubles us. It could be our work situation, money troubles or relationship worries...or all three! The most powerful way to find a solution is to simply 'let go' and SURRENDER. This combination helps ease your mind, allowing you to let go of your worries and to open yourself to the unlimited possibilities and opportunities life has to offer when you're willing to surrender.

Travel Ease - 20 ML

Motion sickness can be very draining and makes it challenging and stressful to travel. On our own 'journey' in life we all deserve to experience comfortable and stress free travel. Motion sickness often has a deep connection to our emotions and is closely linked to feeling the need to be 'in control' (a fear of losing or being 'out of control'). 'Travel Ease' remedy provides the stability, growth, strength, faith and self-confidence to help make travel easy and enjoyable.

True-Self - 20 ML

Everybody on this planet has a voice, a value and a purpose which makes us 'US'. Often, through our upbringing and life experiences, we form beliefs that aren't in our highest good and can throw us off our true path...and even worse, suppress our true identity. At some point in our life we come to ask ourselves, 'WHO AM I' and 'WHAT I AM HERE FOR'? This questioning and awareness can lead us to rediscovering our true self. 'True-Self' combination helps support your journey of self-discovery and magnifies your deepest inner knowing. You're not ANYBODY or NOBODY, YOU ARE SOMEBODY. Somebody with a voice who deserves to be heard, somebody with a valuable gift. It is time to start living your birthright, by being your true authentic self, filled with joy and happiness.

Women's Balance - 20 ML

Women today juggle many responsibilities and challenges in their daily lives. With such a busy lifestyle it is easy to get overwhelmed and stressed due to the multitasking required to 'get everything done'. This can cause an emotional imbalance which leads to a change in mood, stress, despair, frustration and eventually exhaustion. 'Women's Balance' remedy helps assist and balance your emotions by providing strength , stability and flexibility.