Calm - 20 ML

This combination remedy helps lower extreme nervous tension and long term stress by calming the mind. 'Calm' is ideal for people with high stress levels and helps to calm hyperactivity. 'Calm' also treats restlessness and settles an over-active mind and will also help children who find it difficult to settle and rest.

Communication - 20 ML

This combination remedy helps to open the throat chakra to create a free flow of speech. Whether you need the courage to 'speak' out about something, or you are having trouble communicating or speaking in public, this combination is perfect. This special blend of Liquid Minerals promotes feelings of peace, tranquillity, clarity, courage and inspiration and in it you will find all the necessary tools to support verbal self-expression

Emergency - 20 ML

This remedy is recommended to be in every household for emergency purposes.

Focus - 20 ML

With our increasingly busy lifestyles, when learning new skills, a new job or studying for higher qualifications we often find ourselves having to multi-task. However doing too many things at once can create a state of confusion and we can quickly lose our focus. 'Essential Vibrations' remedy 'Focus' has been created to help your mind stay focused on the task at hand when many things are going on around you. It helps create a calm state and a clear and sharp mind. Feedback results from our trials have shown  'Focus' combination helps to avoid procrastination and increase energy levels.

Independence - 20 ML

When we were children we had the ability to get lost in our own blissful world of wonderful possibilities. But as time went on we began to learn from our interactions with others and started to change our behaviour. We became 'conditioned' to act in a certain way just to be loved. During this conditioning we create dependence. We depend on what others think about us, and look for comfort in the wrong place (addictions) which results in feeling trapped and an inability to make decisions. We start to live from the outside in (externally) rather than from the inside out (internally). 'Independence' combination remedy has been created to set you free again. It will reconnect you to your inner voice and help you make decisions from the 'right' place. It creates comfort by helping you find your direction through the process of self-realisation.

Labour Ease - 20 ML

This remedy combination is recommend to use during labour.

Motherhood - 20 ML

This 'Essential Vibrations' combination helps mum manage the sometimes stressful emotional life after giving birth. A new baby is a beautiful gift, but it can also change the dynamic in the family and may bring challenging situations. This combination promotes acceptance, love, growth, strength, support, understanding, gratitude and flexibility, all necessary tools needed to stay calm and not be overwhelmed by the new situation. A lack of sleep and hormonal changes can affect the emotions easily and throw mum out of balance! This combination support mum by bringing the emotions back into alignment so she can relax and enjoy her time with the 'new arrival'.

Motivation - 20 ML

Different life circumstances can leave us feeling unmotivated. Sometimes it is a matter of small things adding up over time. We find it difficult to focus and to organise things, with even our normal daily tasks becoming too hard to manage. When we lack motivation we create negativity around us and this can have an impact on our family and friends. Very often our lack of motivation grows to the point where we just can't be bothered anymore, it all becomes 'too hard'. 'Liquid Mineral Motivation' helps support your focus, energy and organisational skills allowing you to manage the 'simple' tasks again. Our trial has shown beautiful results; from not needing afternoon naps anymore, to wanting to do the daily fact not just to 'do' them, but to finish them with a sense of fun and joy. 'Liquid Mineral Motivation' helps you find your zest in life again.

Mum to be - 20 ML

This 'Essential Vibrations' combination helps the 'mum to be' with the emotional turmoil and imbalances prior to the baby being born. It was created specifically to support her 'up and downs'. Emotions during the last few weeks before giving birth can vary from excited to anxious, overwhelmed, sad and weepy. This combination of 'Essential Vibrations' remedies may help to balance the roller-coaster of emotions by stabilising and revitalising the emotional journey. It also helps you see the beauty of giving birth, supports faith and brings a feeling of courage and self-confidence. It supports mum and baby with bonding and creates a deeper awareness for a beautiful relationship after giving birth. It creates a peaceful and loving place.

Reconnection - 20 ML

There can be times in our lives when sudden or unexpected circumstances cause huge turmoil in our emotional life creating a deep sense of grief. 'Essential Vibrations' combination 'Reconnection' has been created to help you through the stages of grief after the loss of a partner, friend or animal companion, or another life situation. This combination helps you 'reconnect' to life again by creating peace and comfort. 'Reconnection' will deliver the necessary strength and help you accept the situation with love.