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What to do?

  1. Choose the remedy you would like to trial.
  2. Apply for the trial with a short description (two or three sentences) about your current condition (emotional AND physical). Please also include your Full name - Age - Occupation - Address - Gender
  3. When you apply for the trial you agree to supply feedback about your experience and results after 3 weeks from the application being approved to the email address below. If you fail to supply appropriate feedback a charge of $ 100.00 will apply and is payable within 7 days.
  4. By applying for the trial you give permission for your results to be published on the SOE website and Facebook page. You can be assured the information will be anonymous and we will keep private information like your name and address confidential. We will publish the trial number, age, gender, occupation, previous condition and feedback.
  5. You can apply for ONE trial only


'Essential Vibrations' available to trial 

 Remedy  For Whom to trial?  Trial numbers still available 
Spring Balance Spray  Adults and Kids   Trial closed - see feedback



Apply for your free trial here: