SOE 'Essential Vibrations' Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)



What are SOE 'Essential Vibrations'?


SOE Remedies are a holistic, natural and safe way of emotional healing and focus on restoring the balance between mind and body. These remedies help by unlocking positive emotions and getting rid of negative ones such as feeling trapped, stress, anxiety, and others. It allows the body to heal and feel free and happy again.


How do SOE 'Essential Vibrations' work?  

Any kind of emotional and mental stress affects the physical body. Over the last 16 years SOE BIOREMEDIES thoroughly researched the emotional source of physical ailments. The end result is a product that helps balance emotions and promotes well-being...SOE 'Essential Vibrations'.

SOE 'Essential Vibrations' help by transforming their stable vibration into the body, permeating down to the molecular level. They seek out areas in your body that resonate with their own vibration, bringing into balance Body, Mind and Spirit and creating a positive pattern in your subconscious.


Who created SOE 'Essential Vibrations'?  

SOE BIOREMEDIES was founded by Natural Therapist Christian Burkhardt. Christian dedicated his work over the last 16 years to create a product, SOE 'Essential Vibrations', which helps manifest well-being by treating the underlying negative emotional pattern active in our subconscious.


What are SOE 'Essential Vibrations' for Animals?  

Companion animals have become an integral part of our lives and are important member of our family. As a close bond develops with our animal friends they can take on similar emotional patterns to their humans which can manifest in behavioural and physical issues. Other influences include genetics, environment and experiences.

SOE BIOREMEDIES have developed a specific range of remedies for Animals to help with a variety of behavioural issues. We independently trialled the vibrational remedies for Animals with the 'Holdfast Dog Centre' and 'Nutts about Mutts Dog Training' with fantastic results. You can read the trial results and feedback on our website.


Who can take SOE 'Essential Vibrations'...are they safe?  

Adults, children and animals can take SOE 'Essential Vibrations' safely.


How do I choose my SOE remedy?  
  1. Set a goal
  2. Have the intention of what you would like to attract or change in your life clear in your mind
  3. When looking at the list of remedies take note of the two main words; e.g. Moonstone - Change and Decision
  4. Choose the minerals with the two main words that resonate with you the most
  5. Read the general description and life examples to see if it fits with your goal and intentions
  6. Look at the 'Negative Aspects Active' to see if any are active in you
  7. If the vibrational remedy ticks all the boxes then you've found the right one for you!


How do I take my SOE vibrational remedy?  

It is very important to take your remedy 'exactly' as per the dosage on the bottle and product information card. Read the product information card carefully to work out if you have to take the drops under the tongue or in water. Applying the drops to the spine as per the recommendation will help unblock CHI. Putting them in a bath is also very powerful. If you forget to take the remedy and miss a dose then their effectiveness will be diminished and you won't get the maximum benefit. We recommend you set an alarm (e.g. mobile phone) as a reminder.


Why is my intention important when taking SOE 'Essential Vibrations'?  

When taking 'Essential Vibrations' remedy it can help to set an intention. The intention should always focus on the positive, because the products are created to attract only positivity into your life. There won't be a 'healing crisis'.

Focus on what YOU WANT and not what YOU DON'T WANT. Use only positive language and thoughts.


If you take 'Heliotrope' for 'Clarity' don't ask 'WHY' am I in this situation, ask 'HOW' can i come out of this situation.


How long should I take a remedy?  

Under normal circumstances one bottle of the specific vibrational remedy should be enough to create a positive pattern in your subconscious to attract positive situations and circumstances into your life. Once you have finished the bottle you can look at your next goal and choose the relevant remedy.


Can I take more than one SOE 'Essential Vibration' remedy at a time?  

Yes, you can take more than one remedy at a time, but always choose one for your specific focus as the primary essence. The secondary remedy should be seen as supportive to the primary essence.


You change your job and use 'Ruby' for 'New Beginnings and Endings' as your primary essence, but you find it hard to let go of your workmates because you had such a good connection. This may mean you would not be able to start your new job with an open energy. The secondary vibrational remedy to take would be 'Chrysoprase' for 'Detachment and Neutrality' as the supportive one.

It's important when taking more than one 'Essential Vibrations' remedy to have a primary essence for your main focus. Do not try to fix too many things at once.


Is it safe to take SOE 'Essential Vibrations' with medication?  

'Essential Vibrations' are vibrational remedies that work mainly on underlying emotional issues. Therefore it is safe to use with other medications. The active ingredient in the product is energy from the crystal, not a physical substance, so it won't interfere with the physical action of other medicines. Neither will other medicines prevent the remedies from working.

We would like to point out that a small amount of alcohol (grape alcohol) is used to preserve our remedies. The amount is so small in a single dose it can normally be ignored. However we recommend you consult your doctor, pharmacist, veterinarian or health advisor before using an alcohol-based remedy if you've been advised to avoid all traces of alcohol.


Can I take the wrong remedy?  

No, you never can take the wrong Liquid Mineral.


How quickly do SOE 'Essential Vibrations' work?  

You should notice a difference after 3 days of using our remedies. If after 3 days there is no change we suggest you refer to the spinal application to help unblock the CHI.


Is it safe to take SOE 'Essential Vibrations' if I'm pregnant?  

'Essential Vibrations' are a vibrational remedy with no harmful substance in it and are absolutely safe to take during pregnancy.


Has the effectiveness of SOE 'Essential Vibrations' been proven scientifically?  

SOE BIOREMEDIES trial our remedies before releasing them to the public. You can find the trial results and other responses on our website.

Based on the trial results and positive Feedback we receive, we don't feel the need to 'prove' the products effectiveness scientifically. We explain how best to use them and let people try them for themselves. We encourage feedback and share people's experiences on our Facebook page and website.

SOE 'Essential Vibrations' are purely created to support the emotional and spiritual well-being and lifestyle of humans and animals. SOE Bioremedies does not make any claims to treat, cure or heal physical symptoms.


What is 'Choose Cruelty Free' accreditation  

SOE BIOREMEDIES are 'Choose Cruelty Free (CCF) accredited. This means SOE does not test on animals, do not use any products that have been tested on animals and our products are vegan friendly*. CCF accreditation is important to SOE, as ensuring our products are animal friendly is one of our biggest priorities. *Please note our body butters and hand-balm include beeswax.