Amethyst Black - 20 ML

Reconnection and Synchronicity
The longer humankind exists on this beautiful planet we call home, the more we seem to lose touch with the truth, knowledge and wisdom inherent in us all. With our lives moving at such a rapid pace we often feel 'out of control' and 'disconnected'. This leaves many with a longing to reconnect with our inner wisdom and rediscover our 'true self', allowing us to find balance within and to live in synchronicity with Mother Earth once again. 'Amethyst Black' remedy helps you 'reconnect' with your truest nature by embracing the divine being you really are and empowering you to fulfil your life purpose. It gives you the confidence to step forward into your power to live your 'truth' with grace, humility and integrity.

Amethyst Purple - 20 ML

Stability and Grounding
Of all the minerals, 'Amethyst Purple' remedy has the most solid energy. It supplies enormous strength and stability. It is grounding and at the same time supports seeing from different perspectives. It balances the third eye and crown chakra and conveys clear vision.

Apache Tear - 20 ML

Release and Freedom

'Essential Vibrations' remedy 'Apache Tear' will lead you out of the 'darkness' of unprocessed hidden issues from the past. It will give you a sense of freedom. It helps us deal with issues of self-sabotage, with the feeling that we are standing in our own way and cannot find any obvious reason for this. It helps us face issues we would rather push away.

Apophyllite - 20 ML

Knowledge and Intuition
'Essential Vibrations' remedy 'Apophyllite' helps combine knowledge (mental) and experience (physical) with intuition (spiritual) to create one force. We can often make our decisions in one of two ways...base purely on facts with our 'head', or on impulse through our emotions with our 'heart'. 'Apophyllite' merges the mental, physical and spiritual by uniting your knowledge and experience with your intuition. It also helps you intuitively 'translate' messages to bring them into your physical understanding, which can improve your life significantly by helping you make the 'right' decisions.

Aquamarine - 20 ML

Peace and Tranquillity
'Essential Vibrations' remedy 'Aquamarine' has a very gentle flowing energy, it brings a feeling of warmth and comfort to the emotional centre (solar plexus). The attitudes of gentleness and kindness are enhance and you should experience a sensation of peace and tranquillity. It helps to move you forward in life and to develop an awareness of the flow of energy. It also balances the throat chakra and supports all forms of self-expression.

Aventurine Green - 20 ML

Ideas and Inspiration
'Aventurine Green Essential Vibrations' remedy will bring ideas and inspiration into your life. It will balance the heart chakra, bringing guidance around discerning which ideas can be put into action. It will remove the fear that stops you from making your ideas a reality.

Axinite - 20 ML

Clarity and Solution
'Essential Vibrations' remedy 'Axinite' is the 'Life Saver' essence. If your are stuck in an uncomfortable life situation it will help you to 'pull' yourself out of it. These situations very often create confusion and irritation. 'Axinite' is the 'helping hand' you need. If we are stuck in a situation, we tend to focus just on the problem rather than on the solution. It will help you to put your focus in the right direction and will help to dissolve the issue by removing confusion and irritation.

Azeztulite - 20 ML

Change and Empowerment
'Essential Vibrations' remedy 'Azeztulite' has the finest energy of all essences. It is becoming increasingly significant. We are all in a constant change and movement through the process called evolution. Changes are now happening much quicker then ever before and we will need the support to stay 'up to date'. 'Azeztulite' will help you to adjust very quickly to changes and also reminds you how important it is to be in your own power.

Black Quartz - 20 ML

Purpose and Manifestation
Many of us have the feeling that we are here for a reason and we have a specific purpose to fulfil. However we might not be in tune with knowing what that purpose is. Or, if we are aware, we can't see how we can make it happen. 'Essential Vibrations' remedy 'Black Quartz' allows you to discover and acknowledge your Life's Purpose through a deep level of awareness, understanding and acceptance. This remedy will help you manifest your ideas, thoughts and dreams into your daily life by presenting positive opportunities and circumstances to help fulfil your purpose. 'Black Quartz' also allows you to tune in to how you 'feel' on a deeper level, rather than getting stuck in your mind or by being swayed by what others may think you 'should' do.