The world's first skin care range for physical and emotional well-being

SOE Bioremedies is dedicated to creating a holistic range that promotes and restores beauty, health and well-being for your body, mind and soul.

Founded and created by Natural Therapist Christian Burkhardt, SOE Bioremedies' philosophy is based on a rich understanding of nature to create products that contain the benefits of powerful natural elements. Along with all natural ingredients, we combine advanced technology and ancient knowledge to bring you the best of all three element; natural - innovative - scientific. Our holistic approach means every skin type will benefit from SOE Bioremedies range.

The brain-skin connection

Skin conditions affect many people, and can isolate them both physically and emotionally. They often create intense feelings of shame and guilt that slowly diminish self-esteem, building a negative emotional snowball that gradually grows until it limits their lives. Research and studies about the brain-skin connection has shown that stress, mental, physical and emotional pressure definitely affects the skin.

“The bond between skin and mind has deep roots,” say the researchers at Harvard Women’s Health Watch, “going back at least as far as skin-to-skin contact between newborn and mother….”

What makes our Skin Care different

  • We consider the physical and emotional benefits of our ingredients
  • A profound understanding that the skin and mind are intimately connected
  • Our products focus on the core issue of the skin condition
  • We incorporate our SOE remedies for additional emotional balance