What is the 'North Node'?

The 'North Node' is a mathematical point taking into account the relationship between Sun, Moon and Earth at the time of birth.

The 'North Node' represents experiences and traits you can embrace and release in order to work with your past life experiences and to grow spiritually. Consciously working on these 'life lessons' can bring you increased happiness and fulfillment.

Working with your 'North Node Sign' can help you fulfil your Soul Mission by identifying how certain traits and behaviors can help and hinder your progress in this lifetime.


SOE 'North Node' remedies

SOE Bioremedies 'North Node' remedies help support each North Node Sign 'to embrace' the traits required to make the most out of this precious lifetime and 'to release' those which no longer serve you. To find your 'North Node Sign' simply go to the 'North Node Chart' and locate your birth date and corresponding sign. Then go to the North Node remedy for your sign.

'North Node' remedies work on a subconscious level to support and treat the patterns of the astrological influences you were born under.