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Aquamarine Tea - 40g - 100% Certified Organic

Calming and Relaxing

'Aquamarine Tea' is a smooth blend of natural herbs infused with our Essential Vibrations remedy 'Aquamarine' for a soothing drink before bedtime or in situations of high stress.


chamomile - lemon balm - rosemary - peppermint - essential vibrations remedy: aquamarine


Chamomile - Benefits Known:

promotes a better sleep - calms muscle spasm - calms nervous system


Lemon Balm - Benefits Known:

calms the mind - encourages restful sleep - sharpens memory - protects brain cells - anti-oxidant


Rosemary - Benefits Known:

improves mood - relieves stress and anxiety - strengthens immune system - stomach soother


Peppermint - Benefits Known:

cooling - stress relief - helps to relieve muscle pain