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Women's Balance Tea - 70g - 99.8% Certified Organic

Hormonal Imbalances - Caffeine Free

'Women's Balance Tea' is a unique taste experience, aiding those who need some respite from the effects of hormonal imbalance. This tea is infused with our unique Essential Vibrations remedy 'Women's Balance'.


chaste tree berry - honeybush - lemon verbena - sage - rose petals - soe essential vibrations remedy: women's balance


Chaste Tree Berry - Benefits Known:

helps to regulate the hormones in the body - helps to increase progesterone production - helps to regulate menstrual cycle - stabilises large mood swings - helps pms symptoms - stimulates endocrine system - works on the pituitary gland to balance hormones - can calm down hormones that can exacerbate acne - great for hot flushes and all side effects of menopause 


Honeybush - Benefits Known:

helps in treating osteoporosis in women - relaxes the body - strengthens the liver - improves immune system - relieves menopausal symptoms


Lemon Verbena - Benefits Known:

creates hormonal balance in the body - relieves stomach issues - fights oxidative stress - supports weight loss - supports nervous system - aids sleep


Sage - Benefits Known:

strengthens immune system - high in vitamin K for bone strength - combats menopausal symptoms - helps to alleviate night sweats


Rose Petals - Benefits Known:

balances hormones - helps for mood swings - insomnia