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Rose Quartz Tea - 80g - 100% Certified Organic - OUT OF STOCK

Balancing and Harmonising - Caffeine Free

'Rose Quartz Tea' is a delicious, mouth watering blend incorporating rooibos and a touch of lemon and mint flavoured herbs. Infused with our Essential Vibrations remedy 'Rose Quartz' it will balance and harmonise your body, mind and spirit.


rooibos - lemon myrtle - spearmint - soe essential vibrations remedy: rose quartz


Rooibos - Benefits Known:

relieves hypertension - aids respiratory system - good for bones and teeth - boosts digestive tract - improves skin - improves blood circulation


Lemon Myrtle - Benefits Known:

high in anti-oxidants - anti-septic - fights fatigue - helps depression


Spearmint - Benefits Known:

balances hormones - increases circulation - boosts energy levels - great for a healthy blood pressure - helps to prevent strokes and heart attacks