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Herkimer Diamond Tea - 50g

Stimulating and Rejuvenating - Caffeine Free

'Herkimer Diamond Tea' is a delicious tonic using nourishing herbs set to stimulate and rejuvenate. Infused with our Essential Vibrations remedy 'Herkimer Diamond' it helps to invite happiness into your daily life.


herb robert - ginko - gotu kola - ashwanganda - oat straw - rose root - peppermint - thyme - rose petals - soe essential vibrations remedy: herkimer diamond


Herb Robert - Benefits Known:

makes more oxygen available to the cells - enhances kidney function - decreases blood pressure - immune system - astringent - regulates metabolism - stress relief


Ginko - Benefits Known:

increases concentration - helps headaches and migraines - reduces risk of dementia and alzheimer's - maintains vision and eye health - helps to fight anxiety and depression - increases energy level


Gotu Kola - Benefits Known:

improves memory - helps to fight anxiety and depression - aids trauma - boosts central nervous system - combats high blood pressure - protects veins and blood vessels - improves circulatory system


Ashwaganda - Benefits Known:

reduces inflammation - stress relief - regulates blood pressure - memory support - revitalises - mood booster - supports thyroid function


Oat Straw - Benefits Known:

nourishes the body at the deepest level - helps with anxiety and nervousness - supports hair, skin and bones


Rose Root - Benefits Known:

helps with fatigue - fights depression - great for heart disorders - strengthens nervous system - enhances immune system - fights high cholesterol - anti-ageing - prevents cold and flu


Peppermint - Benefits Known:

enhances memory - increases alertness - stress relief - great for hair and skin - muscle pain relief


Thyme - Benefits Known:

lowers blood pressure - boosts immune system - boosts mood


Rose Petals - Benefits Known:

relieves stress and depression - astringent - boosts immune system - improves digestion - promotes weight loss