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Winter Warmer Tea - 70 g - 100% Certified Organic

Warming and Relaxing

'Winter Warmer Tea' is a unique taste experience, warming and comforting on a winter evening. This tea is infused with our unique Essential Vibrations remedy 'Moldavite'.


apple bits - hibiscus - gunpowder tea - rose hip shells - cloves - orange peel - lemon peel - cinnamon bark - safflower petals - moldavite

Gunpowder Tea - Benefits Known:

strengthens immune system - high in antioxidants - helps to fight heart disease - helps to prevent tooth decay - supports weight loss

Hibiscus - Benefits Known:

relief of high blood pressure - lowers cholesterol - reduces risk of cancer - helps liver - great for the digestive system - speeds up metabolism

Cinnamon Bark - Benefits Known:

increases blood flow - lowers blood sugar - immune boosting - protects from cancer - anti-inflammatory - helps defend the brain from developing neurological disorders, like Alzheimer's

Safflower Petals - Benefits Known:

boosts immune system - de-stresses the body - helps to control blood sugar - helps for anxiety