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Immuni-T Tea - 60 g - 100% Certified Organic

Strengthening and Protecting OUT OF STOCK

Your immune system is the gatekeeper to good health. This beautiful tea helps to keep your immune system strong and vital. This tea is infused with our unique Essential Vibrations remedy 'Emerald'.


echinacea - lemon myrtle - astragalus - siberian ginseng - soe essential vibrations remedy emerald


Echinacea - Benefits Known:

reduces symptoms of cold and flu - strengthens the immune system - infections - anti-inflammatory - wound healing


Astragalus - Benefits Known:

boosts immune system - protects cardiovascular system - great for diabetes - reduces symptoms of colds and flu


Lemon Myrtle  - Benefits Known:

treats sinus infection and bronchitis - sore throat - boosts immune system - antioxidant - helps with asthma and headaches


Siberian Ginseng - Benefits Known:

stimulates the immune system - prevents colds and flu - supports the kidney's - helps with insomnia