Boost - 20 ML

The winter season is defined as the seamless time for restoration and introspection. As such, it is crucial for your health and well-being to rejuvenate and recharge your low batteries.Unfortunately, through the demands in daily life many people push themselves as opposed to allowing time to rest and recuperate. This consequently can cause an inner conflict which results in physical symptoms such as the common cold or headache.
'BOOST' remedy is designed to support you through the winter season effortlessly, rebalancing any emotional instabilities which lead to common winter sicknesses. This remedy helps create inner tranquility and strength positive emotions, even during stressful times.

Life Examples:

low immune system - cold - flu - exhaustion - tiredness


If taken undiluted under the tongue (3 times daily - 9 drops)



  • balances emotions which lead to low immune system
  • activates a sense of self-care
  • helps to maintain a steady flow of CHI in the body
  • creates inner peace and tranquillity


What leads to emotional imbalances causing a low immune system or cold?

  • refusing to listen to your body
  • refusing to slow down
  • feeling overwhelmed
  • feeling pressured
  • experiencing inner conflict